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My Story

I've had the privilege of driving growth in the C-suite from startups to Fortune 10.Ā A journey withĀ four exits granted me a wealth of lessons.

Success is never a solo endeavor. It's about cultivating high-performing teams. I've been fortunate enough to lead such teams across the globe. This exposure has been instrumental in shaping my leadership style.Ā I have now developed a playbook for growth. It's simple and can work in most organizations.

As Chief Product and Technology Officer at Episource, a leading Healthcare Solutions Company, I continue toĀ evolve these practices, and as co-founder of Inovexus, anĀ acceleration fund for early-stage founders with global ambition, to mentor entrepreneurs.

I observeĀ talented managers stuck to get into senior leadership roles. They may have domain expertise, but high growth requires additional skills. It involves organization management, alignment, human psychology,Ā and the ability to inspire and motivate teams. The good news is that this can be cultivated with the right mindset and consistent effort. And that's precisely why I created Leadership Unbound, a newsletter that guides you in developing these crucial skills.

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Get one actionable tip per email to unleash your leadership potential.


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